From December 4 to 11, 2022

Tepoztlan Morelos

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After 5 years, the Council of Visions reconvenes for its sixteenth edition, "El Abrazo del Amate", which will take place from December 4 to 11 in the scout camp of Meztitla on the slopes of the Tepozteco hill in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

The meeting will be held in the same place where the Council of Visions was held in 1996, which was also the first Bioregional Congress of the Americas. The Tepoztlán Valley has a great cultural and natural wealth and is also home to a multitude of community and regenerative initiatives, which will be present at the Embrace of the Amate. 

For all our relations!

This gathering will be an unforgettable week of learning, adventure and connection with nature and soul family from all over the world, all in the beautiful grounds of Meztitla Scout Camp, Tepoztlan. We have endeavored to keep the prices as low as possible so that this event is accessible to families and individuals, especially for those who register during this early bird phase presale. presale. We have ALL INCLUSIVE plans that include all meals, camping space, workshops, ceremonies, concerts and all other Council activities. There are also options available for one or three days, with or without meals and camping included. 

Tepoztlán, Morelos will be the site of the next Council of Visions. This region, with majestic mountains, is located in the Cuauhnáhuac Bioregion and is also part of the Tepozteco National Park and the Chichinautzin Biological Corridor, which are Natural Protected Areas.

This municipality is also part of the Bosque de Agua, a central area of Mexico that supplies water to more than 20 million people. Tepoztlán houses part of this forest.  

The Guardians of the Earth Vision Councils have been held in Mexico since 1991 with the aim of incorporating structural elements for the creation of a bioregion. They have also had the participation of members of the Ecological Green Network and indigenous communities.


In 1993, the participation of bioregionalists from North America in these events began. During the 96th Bioregional meeting of the Americas held in the state of Morelos, the Guardians of the Earth decided by consensus that the next meeting of the Council of Visions and later Bioregional, would be held in the first Mayan eco-cenote, Dos Palmas, in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, which was held in November 1997 with great success and the attendance of more than 400 people of 20 different nationalities.

The Council of Visions is a co-evolutionary movement that shares the vision of a world recreated on the basis of values such as cooperation, creativity, diversity, decentralization, social justice, ecological health, the well-being of children, respect to indigenous traditions and the recognition of our union with nature.

The gathering is open to the general public regardless of experience or knowledge level, attracting people who are actively working to positively transform all aspects of the human experiment.




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Cooperation, creativity, diversity, decentralization, social justice, ecological health, children's well-being, respect for indigenous traditions and recognition of our union with nature.
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