Community Council

The Community Council promotes integration between the different Councils. It also promotes integration with the Community of the place where the Council is held. 

The Community Council encourages activities to benefit the people and the place where the Council is held. 

This Council comprises the Youth Sub-Councils, the Children's Sub-Council and the Education Sub-Council

bonding sub-council

This space seeks to strengthen relations within the Council, as well as outside the Council. This Council seeks to strengthen the community within our movement and event by promoting the participation of youth, children, women, vulnerable groups, the local community and living beings in general.

The Linkage and Action Sub-Council encourages the rest of the Councils to carry out activities for the benefit of the community where the meeting is held. Through invitations to venues, as well as previously agreed interventions with the community that inhabits the area. 


  • Alternative Economy Forum
  • Bonding Pavilion 
  • Conversation on Defense of Territory
  • Forest regeneration
  • River and Neighborhood Cleanups
  • Plastic Sculpture in collaboration with the Youth Council 
  • Presentation in Amatlán and Ocotitlán with the Council of Art and Culture
  • All Species Vs Waste Parade


Organi-k, Facilitation Committee, Affective Revolution, Uxamigua Nomad, Casa KIT, Casa del Túmin, Grafica Maya, Syskrack in Messico, ESN Alimni, 

Education Sub-council

The Education for Life and Peace network emerged from the 2012 Vision Council with the creation of Red CASA México (Sustainable Settlements Council of the Americas) as part of the Education petal and adding efforts with the Transition movement in Mexico.

Its objective is the exchange of knowledge and learning processes to promote educational models and learning communities, as alternatives to current conventional education.

As of 2018 within the framework of the Aágile 2018 Evolved Education Meeting  

A collaborative link is created between the CEVP (Education Council for Life and Peace) and Educambiando ALC as well as with the ALC network (Agile Learning Centers) and Transición México.


In order to share tools, practices and strategies that support the maintenance of communities that promote free and self-directed learning.

Our proposal within the CdV is to put into practice the same tools and methodologies that are used in these learning centers to carry out activities that promote the internal organization processes for the Event with the public, thus making known in practice more than in theory the aforementioned. 


Facilitation committee coordination

Plenary facilitation 

dialogue tables

Linkage with the local educational community 

Environmental Education in Schools

Expression forums for children and young people and invited specialists in the field of pedagogy, upbringing and education. 

Creation of educational materials: collective organization boards, living memory, evaluation tools. 

Play as a vehicle for learning


Transition Mexico, Education for Life and Peace, Educambiando ALC, Ultimate Frisbee, Universidad de la Luz Xoacal, FAMMA, Casa Tecmilco, Sostenernos, Casa Jardineser, Uxamigua Nómada, Imiari – Free Training Center, Ultimate Frisbee. 


Youth Subcouncil

The youth council seeks through listening, playing, art and creativity in all its languages, to be together a meeting and connection space for the current youth community; with the purpose of awakening and cultivating in each unx, a clear vision of the present and future reality that we are co-creating as a new generation; under the framework of a need for ecological, social and cultural regeneration in humanity. What is the reality that we want to cultivate and sustain on Earth? What and who are the roots that sustain us in order to make it flourish? The youth council seeks to be a space for communion to strengthen and direct together our thinking, feeling and acting towards a reality of increasing awareness, coherence and harmony among all the forms of life that we co-inhabit on this planet. 


  • Word circles and active listening 
  • Youth vision community mural 
  • Artistic performance under the framework of the Water Forest 
  • subconscious dance workshop 
  • circle dances 
  • Sexuality and environment workshop 
  • Educambiando organization tools workshop 
  • Spaces for connection and expression through singing 
  • music creation workshop 
  • Spaces for storytelling and activities with children's councils and community schools 
  • Cleaning of rivers and care of the hills 
  • and more!!

Children's Sub-council

Involve the entire peace village in child care, creating spaces for the voice of non-adults (children) to be heard and taken into account. 


-We have 4 categories:

  1. Arts as a vehicle of transformation 
    1. painting, sculpture, clay, peace bombs, mandalas, eyes of God.
  2. Game for Movement
    1. treasure hunt
    2. collecting specimens
    3.  hike
    4.  cooperative games.
  3. Dance as an expression of the body
    1. Circle Dances
    2. peace dances
  4. Voice and community creation
    1. Circles of words, musical expression, creation of instruments, roofing and floral fabric, theater, storytelling.


Ecovillage ixixtlán

living rivers mexico



The Council of Mother Earth deals with all issues that have to do with ecology and the regeneration of the ecosystem.


The Wellness Council brings together different healers, midwives, healers, doctors, therapists, handymen, sobadores, herbalists, shamans and anyone dedicated to practice and knowledge.


The Council of Art and Culture gives space and promotes the practice of all kinds of art as an agent of change....


The Cosmovision Council has as a proposal to recover the deep sense of our humanity from the origin; remembering and recognizing the inheritances and legacies..


This space seeks to strengthen relations within the Council, as well as outside the Council. This Council seeks to strengthen the community within our movement and event by promoting the participation of youth, children, women, vulnerable groups, the local community and living beings in general.


Bosque de Agua Forum, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 December 2022. The Bosque de Agua Forum will be a space for the exchange of experiences whose objective is to strengthen the social fabric of the inhabitants of the southern region of the Bosque de Agua (sub-basin of the Amacuzac) to generate a beneficial collective impact. \