About us

We are environmental educators, artists, therapists, and entrepreneurs who work voluntarily and cooperatively to change awareness and attitudes towards Mother Earth, native cultures, and all living things in our common home. We intend to produce to satisfy the spiritual, social and ecological needs in the present while taking care of the natural assets of the following generations.

We represent a diverse spectrum of organizations, because we believe that with the integration of many visions, we can create inclusive initiatives and projects, applicable at the local, bioregional and planetary levels.

In these times, the Guardians of the Earth trust proposals more than protests, since the former are based on a critique of the existing paradigm and provide the elements to build the ecotopia: "Another world is possible" and here we are building together @s.


Because the Councils are collective productions, which allow us to live together in nature for several days in safe conditions, re-unite relationships and remember where we come from... this awareness dissolves the great illusion of separation.

The Vision Councils touch the heart of each participant. Which provide? the experience of living in an ecovillage of peace, clarity about how we really want to live and opportunities to refine visions and life purposes.

Yes to life. No to abuse

We recognize Mother Earth as a living being, in her infinite range of interdependent beings, with a common destiny. The Earth has the right to preserve all species, through the processes of renewal and regeneration. Nature is the center of existence and its Laws are inseparable from the human condition.

We declare that the rights to existence, regeneration and rest, to biological and cultural diversity, to water, food and air free from contamination and the right of all beings to live free are inherent to Mother Earth. genetic modification

We adopt the Precautionary Principle, that is, before danger of serious or irreversible damage to human communities and the natural environment, the lack of absolute scientific certainty is no reason to postpone taking effective measures to prevent further damage.

 As a network that collaborates together in good will, the people who work in this network condemn any immoral behavior that physically or spiritually harms a person. We speak out against mistreatment and abuse in all its forms and point out that these types of actions are not welcome or allowed in our community.