We weave and nurture linking spaces between communities, people and regenerative projects of our relationship with nature; from agroecological spaces to educational projects, ecovillages, ancestral communities, artivism, independent organizations, eco-neighborhoods, etc.

The Pollination space is the Linkage Pavilion, which focuses on catalyzing (bio)social processes to make visible the commonalities between people and projects, as well as their differences, providing a listening space that provides clarity on the possibilities of support. mutual exchange of knowledge, services, harvest and dreams.


Make visible the interconnections between the participating initiatives, clarifying what we can give and receive in these links and developing a process with clear lines of action for the sharing of knowledge, services and harvests between communities, projects and participating people.


Are you part of a project, community or space?

We are in a continuous exploration of the diversity of projects, people and communities, which is why we are in the launch season of the Mapping and Linking platform for projects/communities/people with resilient and transformative initiatives in all approaches such as: agroecology, education, artivism, ecovillages, eco-neighborhoods, nature reserves/sanctuaries, etc.

Are you a Pollinator?

People dedicated to linking worlds, generating links, creating collaborations, mapping actors and organizations, compiling records of wisdom, weaving interpersonal and organizational networks, whether locally or nomadic, are called Chaski.

What do we do?

We map projects/people/communities thanks to a virtual platform and face-to-face exercises through which we can locate and link people, projects and communities. (https://ecohabitat.org.mx/
We gestate exchanges of services, knowledge and inputs.
We listen, record and share the word and experiences of beings with valuable knowledge for the regeneration of life

Are you a person interested in adding?

Welcome to people with the desire to learn about transformational projects, nurture from their possibilities and weave community.

You identify?

We invite you to be part.
Write us at:  pollinadores@consejodevisiones.org


Community platform for visibility and weaving between projects, communities, activists and individuals creating regenerative processes; agroecological, community, etc.
Through the Ecohabitat platform in synergy with the Council of Visions and service of nomadic caravans such as Uxamigua and the Caravan for Regeneration.
This mapping is deepened and becomes face-to-face in the Linkage Pavilion.
Moving from the virtual to the experiential and vice versa at the heart of the Vision Council



pavilion linkage

A community dynamic for the interconnection between projects, communities, individuals or activisms, through a comprehensive pedagogical process that allows us to weave healthy and deep relationships to make visible the points of convergence between projects through their needs and offers, until reaching the landing in the action, collaboration and exchanges that nourish each project and that in turn regenerate the Bioregion.

We are developing an immersive dynamic on Friday, December 9 within the Vision Council, as part of the fabric and harvest of the entire humanitarian process that is this convergence.


Registration to the Project Linkage Pavilion.

Within the framework of the #16 Vision Council, where an emerging Peace Village is traditionally built for a week (Dec 4 to Dec 11, 2022), we will have the Linkage Pavilion as a "pre-harvest", on Friday, December 9, 2022 from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. as part of the closing of the activities of the whole week.

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