In the Council of Visions a structure is proposed that allows everyone to participate in the elaboration of the program during the event itself.

There is a daily program of activities for the entire community, but each Council organizes its own activities and these are decided day by day depending on the offers and interest of those present. The Program of the day is presented every morning in the General Plenary. Part of the daily activities are group activities, community service work, hands-on workshops, lectures as well as cultural and celebratory nights.


Tawa Roy Littlesun
He is one of those indescribable characters.
Spiritual guide heir to the Hopi tradition, farmer, teacher, healer, international speaker, one of the pioneers in the expansion of Macrobiotic cuisine (Macro=Large, Bio=Life) and, above all, a wise man who at 89 years of age He has traveled the world explaining that blood must be purified through food, the true personal and collective medicine.
Today he is in Mexico and maintains, through the Hopi Secret, that this is where the awakening of humanity is located.🦅☀️💙🙅‍♀️✨💛


The Dances of Universal Peace
they are a beautiful spiritual practice, a moving meditation. Based on sacred phrases, scriptures, mantras and poetry from various spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances mix singing, live music and creative movements in a living experience of Unity, Peace and Integration, recalling the unity of the luminous being. what are we. To be part of this beautiful experience, all you need is an open and willing heart. Our session is open to the public, and no previous experience is required.


Can you imagine a world without money?
Come and discover these EcoAlternatives at the National Forum of Alternative Economies. Thursday December 8. Participants: Multitrueke Mixiuhca, OrganiK, Bio-Economy, Artistic Money, TUMIN Tepoztlán, NODES UFPL, Círculo Ollines Tepoztlán, Red AFOVI, TulumCoin DAO

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The Council of Mother Earth deals with all issues that have to do with ecology and the regeneration of the ecosystem.


The Wellness Council brings together different healers, midwives, healers, doctors, therapists, handymen, sobadores, herbalists, shamans and anyone dedicated to practice and knowledge.


The Council of Art and Culture gives space and promotes the practice of all kinds of art as an agent of change....


The Cosmovision Council has as a proposal to recover the deep sense of our humanity from the origin; remembering and recognizing the inheritances and legacies..


This space seeks to strengthen relations within the Council, as well as outside the Council. This Council seeks to strengthen the community within our movement and event by promoting the participation of youth, children, women, vulnerable groups, the local community and living beings in general.


Bosque de Agua Forum, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 December 2022. The Bosque de Agua Forum will be a space for the exchange of experiences whose objective is to strengthen the social fabric of the inhabitants of the southern region of the Bosque de Agua (sub-basin of the Amacuzac) to generate a beneficial collective impact. \

Festival of All Species. Friday 9 and Saturday 10 of December

The Festival of All Species” concludes a week of activities of the event “El Abrazo del Amate. Under the motto "Tepoztodos" The program celebrates the cultural diversity to which Tepoztlan has given life. The goal of the festival is to promote respect and care for biodiversity, forests and mountains, likewise it is a call to action for the protection and restoration of its eco-system