Forest of Water Forum, Tuesday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

The Forest of Water Forum will be a space for the exchange of experiences whose objective is to strengthen the social fabric of the inhabitants of the southern region of the Forest of Water (sub-basin of the Amacuzac River) to generate a beneficial collective impact.

The Forum seeks to inform what the Water Forest is, its vital importance, biodiversity, the threats it faces, as well as to present, locate and make visible the initiatives that exist in the region (voice of the community).

This will be promoted through a human map of projects in the region, as well as through dialogue tables between actors committed to the sustainability of the territory.

The Forum will promote the integration of a team of people willing to take on the challenge of facilitating the coordination of key actors from various sectors, to strengthen conservation and sustainable development efforts in the Water Forest region.

Register for the Bosque de Agua Forum for Tuesday 6 or Wednesday 7 December 2022.

Registration Water Forest Forum

Thank you for confirming your attendance at the Bosque de Agua Forum, on the way to their rescue. This means makes it easy to account for the necessary materials and food. See you soon in the Meztitla Forest, Tepoztlán, Morelos.

water forest,
heart of Mexico

The Water Forest is the great benefactor of the most densely populated region of the country.

This great silent green presence provides vital environmental benefits to about a fifth of the population of the Mexican Republic, such as climate regulation, infiltration of water into the subsoil, mitigation of environmental contingencies, air quality, erosion control, flood prevention.

and water supply to more than
23 million people

The environmental viability of the central region of Mexico depends on the 255,000 hectares of this forest ecosystem located in three states, 30 municipalities, 7 mayors, and 191 agrarian nuclei. Headwaters of four basins, it feeds 10 aquifers where economic activities that generate about 30% of the country's GDP are developed. .

In few places in the world do so many people depend on such a small forest.

Of extraordinary biodiversity, the Water Forest has the highest number of endemisms and ecosystems in Mexico: it houses 10% of the country's flora and fauna species, 10% (325) of its species are not found anywhere else on the planet ; it presents 8 of the 10 great ecosystems and 5 of the 6 ecological zones of Mexico. It is surprising to have such a rich and functional biological corridor, surrounded by a gigapolis that is growing so rapidly.

Although the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Toluca and Cuernavaca face a growing water deficit and their water needs are increasing day by day, the ecological integrity of the Bosque de Agua, and its ability to provide environmental benefits, are seriously threatened by urban growth. , polluting agricultural practices, and clandestine logging.


It is time to join efforts, talents, capacities, putting what each one knows how to do best, at the service of caring for our main ally, the Water Forest.