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The 15th Vision Council "The Call of the Water" will take place in the middle of the lowland jungle that surrounds the Bacalar Lagoon in Quintana Roo, Mexico.


The event is focused on generating personal, social and environmental change, and promoting the exchange of resources and knowledge among the participants. The intention is to achieve a reconnection with nature and to learn about integral health, ancestral traditions and environmental and social restoration, using models such as ecovillages, permaculture and organic farming.


It is a completely non-profit and family-oriented event with the intention of raising the consciousness of our own capacity for restoring and protecting Mother Earth, her ecosystems, inhabitants and culture. It is a ceremonial encounter and one involving collective work. Our challenge is to inhabit a temporary ecovillage in such a way that when we leave, the community, the host group and the place are in better conditions that they were when we arrived.


This bioregion in the Yucatan peninsula is the cradle of the Mayan culture, and its inhabitants currently face the invasion and systematic destruction of their ecosystems, as well as the loss of their ways of life and of social organization. At The Call of the Water we will get to know the Mayan culture through its contemporary representatives and the local inhabitants, and we will learn from their projects, from the place and its species.


For a whole week we will become a connected tribe… If you only come to party and hang around you will lose the substance of the Council and the opportunity to show the force and the beauty within you. We want to share from the heart… surrendering to the experience and participating in it. Co-creation is the key to understanding and living the deep ecology and entering into the walk of beauty.


This gathering of work and celebration at an ecovillage is framed in values and disciplines required to live a sustainable present. It is an experience of living together with autonomy, cooperation and respect… for all our relations.


¡Welcome to The Vision Council!




1 – Central Area


The central tent is the space we use for cultural performances, workshops, circle dances, film screening and other activities for all the participants. The plenary sessions and the forums of the Council take place here every morning, and there is a big board to inform participants about the program and different activities.


2 – Central kitchen and community coffee shop


Supplied with local and organic foods as much as possible, the eco kitchen is managed by a team of professionals in healthy nutrition and it serves three vegetarian meals every day. The Coffee Shop sells snacks, teas and natural drinks that help to sustain the kitchen, or to support local community projects.


3- Youth Camp


Organized by the Youth Council, this is a space for the young people to reunite and plan workshops. Sometimes it includes a fire space and a tent for the cultural activities of the young and the young-spirited.


4 - Health and healing Space


We have a Health Council that is comprised of a team of traditional physicians with experience in herbal medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, polarity and other practices, who handle the health care during the event. The Health Council attends to first aid needs.
Each one of us is responsible for our own health, hygiene and self care. We also have the support of the emergency services from the municipality.


5 – Moon tent


This is a space dedicated to honor the sacred feminine energy. The ceremonies and activities are carried out in a circle, there are talks and workshops about topics such as ecofeminism and spirituality.


6 – Kids Village


Children are the new consciousness and they will be the future guardians of the planet. The Children’s Village is a space managed by the Children’s Council for mothers, fathers and kids, which develops group activities, workshops, plays, games and children’s performances.

7 – Fair trade and barter market


We have a market space where there will be sales and exchange of products and services in which barter and local alternative money systems are encouraged. It is required that all the products are organic, artisanal, biodegradable and fair-trade.

8 – Central Fire


Our central fire is lit on the first night and it is guarded by a team of fire guardians. Day and night the fire is used to heat the temazcal rocks, to receive the prayers of the community and as a meeting point for everyone during the night.


9- Eco-technologies.


Participants get to see in different parts of the village, low cost eco-techniques in action, such as composting toilets, grey water management systems, recycling stations, solar ovens, bicycle machines, bamboo structures and other examples of innovative natural techniques.


At The Vision Council we all are participants in the creation of the world where we want to live in.. That makes this gathering very rewarding for those who are used to being just spectators rather then co-creators. Nowadays many people talk about the need of creating a different kind of event, so the Vision Council presenta us a holistic and inclusive model that has been replicated at festivals, gatherings, eco-villages and community projects all over the world.


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