How to get there

How to get to Bacalar

By bus

If you are in the Yucatan Peninsula you can take buses to Bacalar, there are two companies, ADO which is more expensive (eye: if the internet purchases get up to 30% less than in the terminal), the other is the Mayab, which is second class. Enter the site of ADO and check the departures from the city where you are to Bacalar, if you do not get results try to search for Chetumal, this city being the capital of the state of Quinta Roo is more connected and is 40 minutes from Bacalar . If you plan to come from the center of the country, we recommend you look for a flight or a shared ride, the trucks take a lot of time and are very expensive.


You can also take the buses, which are cheap and quick to get around the region, depending on the city in which you are. Like the buses go to Chetumal but most or almost all pass through Bacalar is just tell the driver to leave you in Bacalar and from there walk to enter the village. This tip I recommend you if you are in nearby cities like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Valladolid, in all these you will have to go to Felipe Carrillo Puerto and from there take another group in the direction of Chetumal.

In your own car

From Cancun

Take federal highway 307 in the direction of Chetumal, it is a journey of about 4-5 hours depending on the speed at which we drive.

From Merida

It is road number 184, after arriving at the village of Polyuc take the road number 293 until arriving at San Pedro Santos and take the detour towards the highway number 307 in the direction of Chetumal. From there just follow the signs.

From Valladolid Yucatan

It's easy, take the road in the direction of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and then take the highway 307 in the direction of Chetumal.


It's a long trip, but it can be a good choice if you go with several people. The approximate cost in a normal car is 3000-4000 pesos and it takes between 15 and 24 hours, depending on how you drive. Villahermosa and Palenque are good options for an overnight stay.

From another part of Mexico

If you are in another state of the republic the best way is to take a flight to Chetumal, there are three companies that fly from CDMX to Chetumal: Volaris, Vivaerobus and Interjet. With enough time, flights range between 1200 and 3400 MXN (round trip).

Arriving at Chetumal airport we recommend that if you want to save more than $ 200 pesos in taxi, you can walk n the direction of exit (to the right leaving the airport) until arriving to the baseball stadium, are about 500 meters, taxis by the simple fact of being in federal zone they increase of price still more if you take the taxis of the airport. Since you leave the federal zone you can take a taxi and tell him to take you to the taxis that go to bacalar, in the Independencia Avenue between Mahatma Gandhi and Efraín Aguilar, this journey should cost you no more than 30 pesos if you will get to collect more tell them they always charge you less or try to make you understand that you know local pricing.

The taxis of bacalar cost 40 pesos per person and leave you near the main square, ask where to walk and you will see the fort of bacalar and in the background the beautiful turquoise water.

How to get from Bacalar to Cayuco Maya

It is located at km 30.3 of the federal highway Chetumal-Tulum. Leaving Bacalar towards Tulum, it is about 15 km after the village. There is a large wooden sign that says "Cayuco Maya". It is next to the research center of the INIFAP . The shore of the lagoon is two km

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