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The Bioregion is a region with life, a geographical area whose boundaries have been drawn by nature; an area defined by its specific flora, fauna, climate, soil, topography, by its streams and by the specific cultures that inhabit it and that have flourished due to its biodiversity.


Bioregionalism is a movement and a current of thought that conceives the bioregions as systems composed of various subsystems that work based on natural laws and that make its ecosystems viable and sustainable.


Location is a central concept of the bioregional perspective, which proposes knowing, locating, exploring as well as understanding the geographical and hydrological dynamics of the region where we live, taking into account that we all live in a watershed. It warns us that in order to have a secure future as a species among many others, we must work in harmony with nature. The bioregional perspective proposes that in the design of a specific project that involves long term human activity and work, it should be based on ecological principles.


The bioregional perspective has made many groups and people strong, because they have recognized their empowerment to make positive changes. It has also contributed in helping people improve their capacity to protect the bicultural integrity of their bioregion.


The three missions of the bioregional proposal are:


The cultural mission of creating ways in which we can relate to nature in a sustainable manner by increasing awareness that we are the inhabitants and guardians of the Earth, along with the awareness that we wan replace the exploitation and consumption imposed by an industrial economy focused on marketing.


The political mission of mitigating the excesses and abuses against the Earth, by means of working simultaneously in the legislation for the protection of cultural and biological diversity, organizing the tasks of the bioregional movement and in the construction of alternative institutions.


The educational mission involves outreach to the greatest possible number of people, particularly young people with the specific information and practices for environmental restoration of a bioregion. Also this mission aims to inspire the use and sharing of this knowledge with others through specific actions, study circles, nature walks and through other types of practices.


In this 15th Vision Council, experiences and resources for the care of the environment will be shared and oriented towards specific projects for the bioregion.


Bioregionalism is a unique way of defining and understanding the place where we live. Our bioregion is that piece of land where we can make changes oriented towards social and environmental restoration.


Bioregionalism has been an inspiration in the search for environmental restoration, from the depths of our very being as well as from the place where we live.


The Bioregional Perspective is characterized by an effort to open people’s views toward the phenomenon of inhabiting, for any community, institution and sector of society. It also incorporates the notion of living in favor of and for all our relations.


The Bioregional Perspective brings into being the most ancient knowledge of our species. Its essence is in the wisdom and common sense particular to the indigenous peoples, as well as their practice of caring for nature, both a result of living so close to the Earth for thousands of years.


Bioregionalism has philosophical and methodological bases helpful in obtaining local information that supports and inspires actions for environmental restoration from the depths of our being, to the benefit of our home, family, community, neighborhood, basin and bioregion.


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